In front of an audience, Dr. Miller shines because she speaks her mind. She connects with audiences of all types and ages as she delivers meaningful and relevant information with an irreverent and spontaneous style. ‘Little and mighty’ as her license plate reads, her dynamic approach and matchless optimism energize the entire room. For more information about SPEAKING TOPICS, click here.
Erica Miller holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has written extensively on topics of positive psychology, longevity, overcoming challenges and living life to its fullest. Her most recent book, Chronologically Gifted: Aging with Gusto, made her an international bestselling author. In addition to her private practice, she was the founder and executive director of Miller Psychological Centers, a chain of mental health clinics throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Currently in addition to public speaking, she is CEO of a family real estate business in Austin, Texas.
Erica Miller was only seven years old when her world, as she knew it, fell apart. She spent four years in a Nazi holding camp, where she was forced to confront horrors more daunting than most of us could ever imagine. Being one of the few to survive, she has lived fearlessly with purpose and passion by conquering every obstacle that dared to cross her path.