Mindfully Enjoy

Mindfully enjoy each fleeting moment. It means treasuring your past experiences without dwelling on hurtful memories. It means looking hopefully upon tomorrow even as you’re reminded that tomorrow may never come. You Can Do It!

Courageously Authentic

The kind of people who make good friends for your inner circles are the ones who are courageously authentic. Everyone’s on the same team because that’s how the give-and-take of authentic friendships work.

Bigger than Yourself

Connect with something bigger than yourself. If you can, get in touch with a higher power that simultaneously helps you feel your smallness and your importance in this crazy universe, where nothing is ever lost and no energy is ever wasted. You Can Do It!


Resilience is a life-coping trait. Are you resilient? Are you able to learn from disappointing life experiences? Are you capable of moving forward to your next opportunity? YES YOU ARE! You Can Do It!

Never Underestimate

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. Be as particular about what you think as you are about what you eat or wear. Whatever receives your attention has unlimited potential. You Can Do It!

The Word Challenge

Remember the saying, “It costs nothing to dream, and it costs everything not to.” Failure is a concept of the feebleminded. Replace the word failure with the word challenge and you will create readiness for the next opportunity. You Can Do It!

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is what makes you able to attract into your life whatever your focus is. Using the power of your mind, it takes your thoughts and materializes them into reality. So if your focus is dark and negative that will most certainly become your reality....

A Mystery Unfolding…

Your life is a mystery unfolding. You are the lead character in the process of your evolution! No rehearsal is required or desired. You are the creative, authentic author and producer of your life script. Embrace your uniqueness with courage and positive anticipation....

Continually Evolving

It’s important to focus less on your chronological age and more on the fact that you are continually evolving. The need for meaningful development is something that 20-year olds and 80-year olds have in common. We must all strive daily to nurture our continuous...

Bright Side

It turns out that “looking on the bright side” is more than just a cliché. It can truly add years to your life…but more importantly…it can add life to your years. You Can Do It!

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift and a journey, something to be cherished and shared. Embrace it all. Laugh and cry as you build your story. Enjoy the process. You Can Do It!