Being physically fit, while not the only consideration for living a chronologically gifted life, is the foundation for longevity. The simple truth is: when you begin taking care of your physical health more seriously, you begin feeling better too. You’ll have more energy and mental clarity. And you’ll want to do more to actualize the dreams you carry with you into your senior years.

But getting started can be difficult for sure. There is so much information (and perhaps misinformation) on the market today from diet schemes, quick-fix programs, body treatments, and herbal remedies to full-on expensive health retreats. The variety of choices and options can be overwhelming and can immobilize even the most well-intended individuals.

So where do you begin? The key here is to start today without regrets about the past. Don’t worry about yesterday’s bad habits or your current health challenge. Just remember, it’s never too late to feel better. Set yourself free from misconceptions and the psychological baggage our society attaches to diet and exercise and follow these two simple principles: start moving and stay fueled.

Start moving. A healthier life style enables you to get up and do the things you like to do. Exercising for exercise sake will always peter out, which in turn can fuel the feeling of failure. Take baby steps to overcome a sedentary life style and focus on moving for the pure enjoyment of the experience, not because it’s a must-do activity.

Stay fueled. Remember your body and brain don’t perform optimally when they are either too full or too close to empty. Eat small amounts throughout the day. Stay hydrated as well. It will keep you from overeating or from feeling burned-out and depleted of the energy you need to accomplish more and experience the benefits of a healthy life style.