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Interview with Dr. Erica Miller 8-13-18

California Republican Women Federated

“Aging with Gusto”

Pink Lady Presents with Dr. Erica Miller

Yad Vashem

“Living in the Camps”


“How One Woman Travels the World on Credit Card Points”

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Dr. Miller’s Response to Dove Campaign

Dr. Miller’s Advice on How Any Couple Can Have More Sex and Better Sex

What Advice Would You Give to Young People in General?

Dr. Miller’s Thoughts about Political Activism

Dr. Miller on Loving and Loss

Dr. Miller’s Advice on Getting Through Personal Traumas

Dr. Miller on Staying in Shape

Dr. Miller – Still Feel Sexy at 80?

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

“Lesson’s from the Holocaust”



Dr Miller’s Advice to a Couple Struggling with Sex Life

Dr. Miller’s Advice on How Much Attitude Plays Into Success

Dr. Miller’s Advice to an Immigrant in a New Country

Dr. Miller’s Thoughts on Traveling

Dr. Miller on Surviving Heartbreak

Dr. Miller on Dealing with Bullying

Dr. Miller on Using Personal Challenges to Become Stronger with Age

Dr. Miller – How Can Others Age with Audacity?

Dr. Miller’s University of Texas Speech