We have all been there at one time or another—putting off doing something for whatever reason until the procrastination causes anguish in one form or another. Why do we do it? In most circumstances we do it because we can. When a project, job, task or whatever has a deadline, it’s treated differently—it’s regarded as a priority. When it doesn’t have an ASAP sticker, often it becomes part of an endless list of pending items.

Now, please listen to this next statement very closely because it’s valuable advice: Taking action is easier than stressing about not doing it! Repeated for emphasis: Taking action is easier than stressing about not doing it! There are big costs to procrastination. The agony we suffer by deciding against doing something takes a far greater toll on stress level and attitude than “just doing it.” (Thank you Nike!)

We all have different reasons as to why we procrastinate. Fear of the unfamiliar, habitual lifestyle, fear of success, lack of time, and simply not feeling like it are a few. Strategies abound for overcoming each type of resistance. Do the research—there’s a lot of information out there.

It’s a choice

Each of us has a choice: action or angst. For some the angst is a prerequisite for taking action—these are the thrill-seekers, the ones that take pleasure in achieving that last minute victory. Others wouldn’t dream of trading action for angst. But—if either way the project has to be done—I say pick the one that won’t do damage over the long run. Take action! You Can Do It!