I saw this quote the other day:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

If I were to change one word of that quote, I’d change “skinny” to “healthy.” Then, it has meaning to me. I don’t strive for “skinny,” however, I know one truth: everything I do in life is done through the perspective of my physical body. My body is persistently reacting to my thoughts. When you think about it—to what else would it react? So, I consider my body to be a mirror of the way I think.

Having said that, if I feel healthy, it’s likely that the world around me will seem better—and if I’ve let my health go, my perspective will follow it. Also, I’ve learned that it works both ways: a person that feels good physically—typically thinks more positively; and, a positive thinker promotes a healthy body. Remember this concept as you move through your day. Be aware of your thoughts because your body is counting on them for its next move. You Can Do It!