Books By Dr. Erica Miller

Chronologically Gifted:
Aging With Gusto

Dr. Erica Miller recognizes that growing old is not an option, but she’s learned that it’s entirely possible to face the aging process with a healthy mixture of acceptance and enthusiasm. Often those adopting this attitude live happier, longer lives.
Dr. Miller calls these people, herself included, the chronologically gifted.

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It:
Living Audaciously in the
Here and Now

Holocaust survivor and accomplished mental health professional, Dr. Erica Miller, shares her five core beliefs she acquired throughout her life. 
Dr. Miller has led a colorful, amazing life, and this book offers an engaging combination of her personal recollections and self-help guidance.

The Dr. Erica Miller Story:
From Trauma to Triumph

Dr. Erica Miller, having survived four years in a Nazi holding camp during WW II, tells a no-holds-barred story of bravery and human cruelty that is both riveting and inspiration. Facing obstacles that would daunt most of us, she inspires readers with her perseverance and her unprecedented life accomplishments.