Coping With Stress

Coping With Stress

Stress is a fact of life, and too much of it can lead to a shortened life span. To reduce stress and heal your life, try these tips and suggestions:

1) Get healthy. Quit smoking. Reduce drinking. Avoid junk food

2) Use music (singing, listening, playing) as therapy

3) Walk and exercise more. Make it a daily habit

4) Reach out to others. Talk to trusted colleagues, friends, family members or a professional counselor

5) Do volunteer work

6) Practice saying “no” to people and activities that are toxic for you

7) Learn to adapt. Flexibility is key. Put things in perspective

8) Make time for fun and relaxation. Laugh, engage, and live audaciously.

Living the good life takes guts (courage), grit (perseverance) and gusto (joy and gratitude.) You can do it!


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