The reality of super-centennial existence… those living to 120 and beyond… is on the rise. According to a recent Google search, there are 300-450 of these folks alive in the world today. There are several reasons for this exciting phenomenon.

  1. In many cases, body parts that are worn out or damaged can be now  repaired or replaced.
  2. The development and testing of anti-aging drugs are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Results show some positive and promising discoveries.
  3. The use of DNA for predicting health challenges and overcoming them is becoming a reality.
  4. The use of bio-renovation (stem cells), transfusion of old blood, remixing and reintroducing it to the body, and growing organs from scratch are just a few of the new treatments that are being investigated.
  5. There are five places in the world where chronic disease is lower and people live longer, healthier lives. These areas are called Blue Zones and include: (1) Sardinia, Italy, 2) Okinawa, Japan, 3) Loma Linda, California, 4) Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, 5) Ikaria, Greece). Researchers think this phenomenon is due to life style choices. The information coming out of these societies is becoming a more widely accepted occurrence is worthwhile noticing.

The latest research on extended life expectancy is good news. Based on the epigenetic data at hand, the choices we make in promoting a healthy mind and body, are crucial for longevity. There’s no question about it: self-care leads to the manifestation of ‘Super Genes’—genes that have altered and changed due to new life choices. It is never too late for implementing them. Dying healthy as a super-centennial is an attainable goal. YOU CAN DO IT!