Disrupt Aging

It’s time to break the mold and disrupt the traditional concept of the aging process and model. Spend time in front of the mirror. Fall in love with yourself all over again, but not in a narcissistic way. Join the ranks of the those who want to live long and well, otherwise known as the “chronologically gifted.” These are individuals who have a healthy sense of self-love—one that makes them feel confident in their own skin—wrinkles and all. 

Adopt a new perspective. Consider the mantra: “I’m not just getting older; I’m getting wiser.” Let the features that reveal age be the ones that are reminiscent of the wisdom and maturity collected throughout a life time. Admire, appreciate and like the person looking back at you in the mirror because that’s the person who still has a lot to offer the world.Remember, everyone gets older, so aging is not an option. But how people age is a choice. People have far more power over how they age than society conditions them to believe. Anyone can become chronologically gifted. Just decide you don’t just want to live longer, you want to live better—beginning right here, right now. This is what we call disrupt aging.
Take comfort in knowing that everything you do from this point on takes you one step closer to living the kind of mindful, joyful, seize-the-day life you were designed to enjoy. Let that belief become a springboard for deeper engagement with the life inside of you—the timeless part of you that is desperate to express itself, despite the best efforts of an age-fearing culture to suppress it. You can do it!