Five Tips for Preserving Memory

Memory is just one of the brain’s many functions. Many people are concerned about losing their memory and developing dementia. While changes in memory occur throughout our lifetime, they become more noticeable as we age. But there are ways to manage the process and preserve memory functions. Here are five tips to help accomplish that goal:

  1. Strive to create new memory connections. This means seeking out more social interactions and opportunities to engage with people.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude. Recognize the brain has plasticity, so you can learn or re-learn skills throughout life. This requires commitment and practice.
  3. Mentally stimulate yourself. Whether through brain games, reading, or intellectual pursuits, these activities promote memory and cognitive functioning.
  4. Stay healthy. Exercise regularly and practice good nutrition to keep your brain healthy.
  5. Enjoy hobbies and other activities. Think about what you’ve lost interest in and find ways to replace or develop new pursuits.