There is no magical way to halt or reverse the aging process completely, but there are steps each of us can take. The first is to admit you are getting older. We all are. So stop fighting it. Embrace it. Own it. Even love it. While it’s true that there could be some  physical, and cognitive challenges that come with age, “age” is just a number. So modify your perception and adopt an attitude that proclaims, “I can and will live long and well, just like other chronologically-gifted centenarians.” I will do it, and so can you.

In the process, make a commitment to yourself, recognizing you may not be young anymore but you are still capable of growing. That belief is essential and one thing that all generations have in common. At any and every age, we only continue to thrive as we seek to improve and evolve into more well-rounded people. Whatever changes, no matter how small, you make that positively alter your outlook, your skills, your physical being or other aspects of living, will help benefit your self-esteem and enable you to become a little stronger every day as you strive to achieve the status of chronologically-gifted—dying healthy as a supercentenarian.

To begin the process of healthy aging, embark on a journey of adjusting your attitude by considering these four suggestions.

  1. Think hard about why you want to live longer. Adopt a purpose.
  2. Make a list of things you think you’re getting “too old for”. As you evolve, you will look at this list differently and process it with more optimism.
  3. Make a list of things you’re not ready to give up. Be age inappropriate in spite what the ‘ageist’ society wants you to believe. Be adventurous; start something novel! It is never too late. This is a much more enjoyable exercise. List everything that comes to mind when you think of the stuff that makes life worth living. Be specific.
  4. Fall in love with yourself again. This is not about narcissism. It’s about developing a healthy sense of self-love, wrinkles and all, and recognize you are the person who has a lot to offer.

Regardless of your chronological age, there are meaningful opportunities to participate in life. Seek them out. Defy  the “nay-sayers”. Embrace the aging process. Don’t fight it! I plan to reach the ripe age of 123. And you can too.