Few people need to be persuaded to travel. But, for those who don’t feel the excitement that comes from exploring new places at home and abroad, they might be missing real opportunities to grow. I know, as a life-long traveler, it’s done wonders for me.

  • First, travel promotes sharper thinking. Everyone knows that to keep one’s mind sharp means to exercise it regularly. For this, many run out to get crossword puzzle and/or Sudoku books, play trivia games, or seek to learn a foreign language—all excellent ideas. Similarly, traveling as a hobby produces mind-enhancing experiences. Think about it—when you travel, so many things are new: the landscape, architecture, environment, culture, religion, food, currency and language—all calling to you to experience, explore and learn. By definition, traveling necessitates planning, attentiveness and self-sufficiency, which engage your mind.
  • Second, travel necessitates physical activity. Yes, there are ways to travel without increased exercise, but what’s the fun of that? When planning your trip, include some physical activity. For example, sign up for walking tours and bike rides, try water sports, fishing, hiking or just go venture out on your own by foot. This is the best kind of exercise because it’s masked in fun and discovery!
  • Third, travel relieves stress. Imagine that! Travel gives you the opportunity to move away from day-to-day activities and responsibilities and just relax.
  • Fourth, travel broadens your perspective. I saved this one for last because it’s the benefit that will have the greatest impact on your life. The one lesson I’ve learned from travel is that people don’t know when they’re living with narrow-minded points-of-view until they see evidence of conflicting perspectives. Invariably, travel brings this to light. The best part is that whether you agree with the new perspective or not, you’ve experienced it and can take it into consideration.

These are four benefits that should tempt you to plan your next trip. Whether it’s overseas or over to another town, take advantage of the benefits of leaving your comfort zone and go travel!