Raising self-reliant children should be a goal of all parents. Self-reliant children are youngsters who learn to use their own powers and resources rather than those of others. Parents can begin teaching self-reliance at a very young age by encouraging children to learn to do things for themselves. Let them struggle. Let them fail. Watch, observe, be patient and then enjoy the delight they experience when they accomplish something new. For example, one way parents can foster self-reliance in children is by teaching them to participate in routine household activities. Even young children can clean their rooms, make school lunches and do laundry. When they perform these tasks successfully, they need positive feedback and recognition. When they don’t, they need to understand the consequences. If they don’t make their school lunch, they will go hungry that day. When they don’t do their laundry, they will wear dirty clothes. When children do these activities for themselves, it fosters independence and confidence, leading to a richer and more fulfilled life as they become self-reliant adults.