The Art of Negotiation

In any and all relationships, whether personal or professional, no two parties can see eye-to-eye on all issues of mutual concern. That’s not good or bad. It’s just a reality. To begin the negotiation process, each party needs to be clear on what the desirable outcome looks like. What do you want to happen?

At the same time, each participant should be mindful that the “other” individual matters as well. Be willing and open to sharing ideas and listening to the other person’s input and responses. Engage in a give-and-take exchange until both parties recognize, that while they are not going to get everything they want, they believe they have arrived at the best deal possible. This is a solution that represents a win-win (not a lose-lose) outcome and will promote harmony and goodwill in the present and in the future.

Practice this approach, and you’ll be surprised at how effectively the process works.