Age Is Just a Number

How to Live Long and Well

Age Is Just a Number

How to Live Long and Well

Age Is Just a Number: How to Live Long and Well

Having experienced her share of blessings as well as having witnessed unfathomable suffering, Dr. Miller is a natural spokesperson for positivity, vitality and longevity. With insights revealed from her third book, Chronologically Gifted—Aging with Gusto, an international best seller, Dr. Miller advocates for a life where age doesn’t come with limits. Instead, Dr. Miller demonstrates how to grow, evolve and rejoice in the excitement of life at any age.

Audience Takeaways:

  • The importance of attitude
  • What living with gusto means
  • Finding passion and purpose at any age
  • Experiencing the value of community
  • Ways to overcome actual or self-imposed limits

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    “Wow! What a talk at Rotary yesterday. You had the group listening intently and laughing regularly. My late mother, a second-generation Jew, would have said, ‘What a broad.’ Thanks.”


    Michael Harris

    Woodland Hills Rotary Club

    We have witnessed tragedies of immense proportion on a regular basis. However, we have also seen the power of the human spirit at its greatest. Dr. Erica Miller’s story is a strong example of how truly powerful the human spirit can be when put to the test.



    Grossman Burn Centers and Foundation