Yes, I’m a Holocaust Survivor

Yes, I’m a holocaust survivor, but that’s not how I want to be known. What’s far more important is my philosophy of life. Along my journey, I developed five core beliefs and practices, which have enabled me to lead a blessed and empowered life. Here they are. What resonates with you?

  1. Life is an amazing journey. Life is a mystery unfolding. You are the lead character in the process of your envolvement. No rehearsal is required or desired. You are the creative, authentic author and producer of your life script. Embrace your uniqueness with courage and positive anticipation. Face all challenges head on as well as the opportunities life has to offer.
  2. Flex your muscles. To lead the “good” life, find your inner determination, courage and resilience. Follow your heart and set a vision for yourself. No one knows you better than you what will make you happy. You are the captain of your boat of life. Navigate. It takes a vision before you can generate opportunities. What is your vision at the moment. Ponder this question until you find one that inspires you. It is never too late to take a different path on your life’s adventure.
  3. There is no failure. It will cost you nothing to dream and everything not to. Failure is a concept of the feeble-minded. Replace the word “failure” with “challenge” and you will create the readiness for the next opportunity. Reflect on what you want to do, where you want to be and go for it.
  4. Hurt brings opportunities. Resilience is a life-coping trait that encompasses the ability to rebound from misfortunes. It means learning from disappointing life experiences and becoming capable of moving forward to your next opportunity. Embrace life with vigor and positive anticipation. Make sure to seek, maintain and nurture significant relationships with those who will walk with you through thick and thin.
  5. Live life today. Your past does not own you. Live in the moment as if you will live forever. Be open to some of the mystery and unexpected occurrences that life offers. Curiosity, excitement and positive anticipation will support you as you embrace the unknown. Yesterday is gone and past experiences are now in your archive of references for you to use constructively. Take your next steps forward. If the results do not pan out the way you exactly aspired, so be it. You will still end up closer to your imagined goal than without having strong intentions. The journey is worth it because you’re worth it. You can do it!

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