Aging with Gusto

A Practical Guide For Healthy Living To Age 123

Ask a handful of people to describe what comes to mind when they hear the word “old,” and you might be surprised at the answers you receive. “Old” is a word that carries a surprising mixture of connotations, many of which are negative. Dr. Miller recognizes that aging is not an option, but she’s learned that it’s entirely possible to face the aging process with a healthy mixture of acceptance and enthusiasm. Many of those who adopt this attitude live happier and longer lives. Dr. Miller likes to call these people, herself included, the chronologically gifted. She is convinced that we have far more power over how we age than society conditions us to believe, and that’s what this book is all about. COPYRIGHT © 2017 Erica Miller, Ph.D.


“This is a book with deep meaning and medical insight. It’s such a pleasure reading Dr. Miller’s research and advice for all generations. She has a uniquely warm and encouraging tone in her writing. Each chapter offers well-substantiated research to provide a pathway for a long, healthy life.”



Business Faculty Member, John Hopkins University

“Wise words from a wise woman! As you age, ‘don’t fight it embrace it!’ Our attitude can turn aging into joyful, fulfilling living. I highly recommend this book for those opting to become chronologically gifted.”



“This book is an inspiration for readers at any age. Dr. Miller demonstrates how a positive outlook can impact longevity and our ability to live longer, purposeful and meaningful lives. With her trademark exuberance and wisdom, she shows us how to embrace and celebrate every season of our lives—with gusto!”



NY Times Best Selling Author, Hot Numbers, Hot Lotto Numbers, Jean Simpson’s Numbers Diet, The Idiot’s Guide to Numberology

“There’s no question about it. Dr. Miller’s book appeals to all generations. As she notes, life is a gift, and what we do with it is up to us. Healthy aging is not just for the old. It’s for everyone who wants to extend their life spans in meaningful, productive and purposeful ways. Thank you Dr. Miller for your inspiration and sage advice.”



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