Speaking Topics

Authentic Conversations of Guts, Grit, and Gusto

Speaking Topics

Authentic Stories of Guts, Grit, and Gusto

Age Is Just a Number: How to
Live Long and Well

Having experienced her share of blessings as well as having witnessed unfathomable suffering, Dr. Miller is a natural spokesperson for positivity, vitality and longevity. With insights revealed from her third book, Chronologically Gifted—Aging with Gusto, an international best seller, Dr. Miller advocates for a life where age doesn’t come with limits. Instead, Dr. Miller demonstrates how to grow, evolve and rejoice in the excitement of life at any age.

Audience Takeaways:

  • The importance of attitude
  • What living with gusto means
  • Finding passion and purpose at any age
  • Experiencing the value of community
  • Ways to overcome actual or self-imposed limits

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It!

A presentation with the same name as her 2015 book, Dr. Erica Miller shares her unique philosophy that inspires people to abandon the limitations expressed by nay-sayers and proactively pursue the lives they desire. By sharing the five core beliefs that have guided her life, Dr. Miller shows audiences how to navigate challenges and seize opportunities as they seek to realize their dreams.

Audience Takeaways:

  • How to tap into five life affirming principles
  • How to turn challenges into opportunities
  • How to get rid of the negative messages with which we were raised
  • How to proactively create your life’s journey

Guts, Grit and Gusto: Finding Your Strength

Dr. Miller believes that throughout our lives we are on a journey of continuous evolvement. In an interactive, informative and engaging way, she teaches audiences the importance of having a vision and how to turn that vision into reality by reprogramming one’s mindset and adopting a take-charge attitude. With her trademark guts, grit and gusto, she delivers practical advice about tapping into your hidden courage, strength, determination and commitment to live a meaningful life.

Audience Takeaways:

  • How to identify your passion
  • How to fulfill your life’s purpose
  • How to stay the course—even with little or no support from significant others
  • How to get creative when you’re told, “No”
  • How to embrace life’s joys and challenges

Living Fearlessly: Lessons From the Holocaust

Dr. Miller provides a bold and gripping account of her four years in a Nazi holding camp. Through her no-holds-barred story of bravery, survival and relentless accomplishments, audiences learn how wartime atrocities and experiences shaped her personality, helped her develop survival strategies and motivated her to live life fearlessly.

Audience Takeaways:

  • How to understand the impact of trauma and overcome it
  • How to live life with courage
  • How to deal with cruelty
  • Personal responsibility for making the world a safer and better place in which to live


Erica Miller was only seven years old when her world, as she knew it, fell apart. She spent four years in a Nazi holding camp, where she was forced to confront horrors more daunting than most of us could ever imagine. Being one of the few to survive, she has lived fearlessly with purpose and passion by conquering every obstacle that dared to cross her path.


In front of an audience, Dr. Miller shines because she speaks her mind. She connects with audiences of all types and ages as she delivers meaningful and relevant information with an irreverent and spontaneous style. ‘Little and mighty’ as her license plate reads, her dynamic style and matchless optimism energize the entire room.


Erica Miller holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has written extensively on topics of positive psychology, longevity, overcoming challenges and living life to its fullest. In addition to her private practice, she was the founder and executive director of Miller Psychological Centers, a chain of mental health clinics throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Currently she is the president of Miller Properties, based in Austin, Texas.


We have witnessed tragedies of immense proportion on a regular basis. However, we have also seen the power of the human spirit at its greatest. Dr. Erica Miller’s story is a strong example of how truly powerful the human spirit can be when put to the test.



Grossman Burn Centers and Foundation

Dr. Erica Miller is such an engaging and inspirational speaker. Only she can deliver such an authentic perspective of history, trauma and living beyond the Holocaust from both a clinical and personal perspective. She had us all laughing and crying!



Director of Development, Austin Child Guidance Center