Dr. Erica Miller tells a no-holds-barred story of bravery, survival, and unprecedented accomplishment that is both riveting and inspirational.

Born in Tshernovitz, Romania, Dr. Miller was only seven years old when the Nazis forced her and her family into a holding camp in the Ukraine, where they remained for four harrowing years before being liberated. But their relief was short-lived when they returned to their home and found it occupied by Russians. It wasn’t until the Miller family immigrated to Israel that Dr. Miller grabbed the chance to escape the horrors of oppression and begin a new life chapter.

A story of hardship, perseverance, and ultimate victory, “From Trauma to Triumph” also includes a special section where Dr. Miller shares her stirring reflections on topics such as gender roles, being Jewish, and the power that comes from being true to oneself.

Original Copyright © 2009 Dr. Erica Miller, All rights reserved. Reprinted in 2018.

Erica Miller’s “The Dr. Erica Miller Story: From Trauma to Triumph” is a brave and riveting book about the horror of surviving the Holocaust. She turned her darkness into hope and light. A must-read for anyone curious about the power that rose from Hitler’s ashes.



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