Have You Created Your Legacy?

What exactly is a legacy?

It’s your story that communicates how you want to be remembered. It covers your life’s events, your contributions to family and society, your ideas, advice and wisdom accumulated over a lifetime that you want to be a “forever” memory for people… not only friends and family members but for others who can benefit from your story as well.

For many, leaving a legacy is a part of the human condition, a desire for immortality. When crafting your legacy, here are three questions to answer: How do I want to be remembered? What is the greatest gift or message I have to share with others? How can others benefit from what I share? Remember, legacy is about what matters most. It’s about life lessons and how to overcome loss, disappointment, tragedy and trauma. It’s about inspiring others by providing hope, encouragement, and gratitude for a life well-lived.

Create and share your legacy. You can do it!