Tackling Trauma and Adversity

As a Holocaust survivor, I understand what trauma is and how to cherish the moment I’m in and enjoy it, in spite of it and because of it.

As a young girl, I spent four years in a Nazi holding camp during WWII. I saw starvation, cruelty, disease and death daily. As a result I learned to be detached, but more importantly, I learned to believe in myself, to see what I had, not what I didn’t have.

While everyone experiences loss, sadness, disappointment, it’s how we respond to those events that matters. I made the decision at an early age not to become a victim. I adopted a mindset of gratitude in the face of adversity. I learned to make decisions in the present and live life with no regrets.

When we surround ourselves with positive people and focus on what’s good in our lives, we lessen the impact of trauma and adversity. In this way, we learn to take charge of our destiny and live the life we want to live. You can do it!