The Brave Talk Show

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Holocaust Survivor Dr. Erica Miller Gives an Unexpected Speech to Women that inspires and entertains us on how to overcome trials and live your best life, how to be brave and to not allow trials to overcome your desires and dreams.

When you hear her speech you will see that she is a firecracker of a woman who knows her strengths and weaknesses and is not afraid to give a transparent lens into her life as a holocaust survivor, immigrant to the US, ambitious entrepreneur, wife, and mother clear to her ripe old age today. This Holocaust Survivor is full of life and wowed The Brave Talk Show hosts with her energy and gusto.

We could have talked with her for hours on her life and how views it. While this was intended to be an interview- she had so much to say, it came off more like a speech and we easily let her just share her story and her inspiring words to women today.