What Pushes Your Buttons?

What pushes your buttons? When people tell you that you can’t do something, how do you react? Do you react with anger? Are you immobilized? Are you indignant? Do you give it thought and consider options? Does a “no” response just make you more determined? People react differently when others do things that affect them in a negative way—whether through criticism, discouragement, opposition, warning or dissuasion. What I’ve learned is to stand back and evaluate the situation before reacting. While you may be upset, think about what’s important to you. Then take control of your life by exercising personal responsibility in the pursuit of worthy goals. By planning the steps, you need to take, maintaining a positive attitude and having fun, you can accomplish your life’s dreams. While you might experience chaos, uncertainty and setbacks along the way, remember, you are constantly changing in the never-ending process of evolving. How can you change your response to people who push your buttons?

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