These scientifically proven ways to be happy are published by Secrets2Success, which is known for its famously popular page: @secrets2success, where the company inspires and motivates many people day-in and day-out.

  1. Exercise (at least seven minutes a day). It really all comes down to moving. In all facets of daily life, do your best to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The more hours you log sitting down each day, the higher your risk of serious health problems.
  2. Go outside (especially when it’s very cold). The outdoors is a natural, cost-free, easily accessible mood elevator. Also, it provides a dose of vitamin D, which produces important health benefits such as promoting calcium absorption, reducing bone inflammation, and supporting immune function. Not bad for such a simple act.
  3. Help others (at least two hours each week). The scientific benefits of helping others have been proven again and again. It reduces the extreme loneliness some people experience, which has actually been known to increase lifespan.
  4. Meditate (rewrite your brain). Meditating improves concentration. Improving this ability enhances a person’s self-awareness, which increases happiness and acceptance. All of these benefits can come from simply taking a little time to think.
  5. Move closer to work. Are you one of the countless individuals who spend hours of your day commuting? Unless you can find a way to make those hours productive (beyond getting you from one place to another), try to arrange something where the drive time doesn’t weigh so heavily on your day.
  6. Plan a trip (even if you don’t take it). The act of planning is itself beneficial. Visualizing yourself on a family outing or experiencing adventures is intoxicating.
  7. Practice gratitude. Feeling grateful and expressing it put people in good moods. The better your mood, the more resilient you become. It’s all good news!
  8. Practice smiling. Do you know what happens when you smile? Neuronal signals travel from the cortex of your brain to the brain stem. From there, the cranial muscle carries the signal further toward the face’s smiling muscles. Once those muscles contract, a positive feedback loop goes back to the brain and reinforces your feeling of joy. Just hearing that should arouse a smile!
  9. Sleep more. Sleep plays a vital role in your overall health. A lot of important activities occur when you sleep, namely the healing and repairing of your heart and blood vessels.
  10. Spend more time with family (and friends). How else can memorable experiences be created? Family bonding time is an opportune time to model good behavior, as well as to give your children a greater sense of self worth.