I’ve said it thousands of times: Your past doesn’t own you. What you were taught to believe at one point need not remain part of who you are today. Think of your past as a toolbox of beliefs and memories—some worthy of recall, others not. Each of these beliefs and memories simply represents a chronic pattern of thought that is yours either to dwell on, or yours to replace by creating new patterns of thought.

Every time you invite something new into your life, you begin the creation of a new pattern of thought. This life is yours! Choose to tell a new story, simply by changing your point of attraction. If the new focal point is positive, you will quickly discover how negative thoughts begin to shift, soon to be replaced by the affirmative energy that comes from your new point of attraction.

Points of attraction are different for everybody. A point of attraction can be a fixer-upper car to an auto enthusiast. It can be getting a job for the summer to a teenager. It can be learning a new language, preparing for a vacation, writing a story, the possibilities are endless. What’s important is that it’s YOUR point of attraction. It’s all yours to make whatever you want out of it. Now go find one! You Can Do It!