There’s no question about it, happiness is a personal choice. No matter what age, what circumstances, what challenges or stresses exist, people can develop a better psychological outlook that will lead to better relationships and a more enjoyable life. Here’s how:

  1. Pay attention to what you eat. Put more foods that grow from the earth into your diet. Eat less prepared food that is manufactured in factories. Eliminate as much sugar and salt as possible. Eat small meals several times a day.
  2. Exercise.  Make a commitment to yourself to engage in physical activity daily. Whether it’s walking, hiking, running, going to the gym, or participating in sports, movement creates the endorphins that help minimize depression and keep the body strong.
  3. Challenge your mind. School is not just for the young. Life is about continuous learning. Play more games, read more books, take more classes. Practice listening, asking questions, developing curiosity. Learn to be a good storyteller. It helps maintain your memories and mental clarity.
  4. Develop a positive attitude. Live with energy, enthusiasm and empathy. Smile and laugh more. Be of service. Giving to others is very powerful. Practice gratitude. A positive attitude helps overcome stress and other negative emotions and brings optimism into your life.
  5. Create your own sense of spirituality. Sit in silence every day. Meditate. Pray. Decide every morning what your purpose for the day will be. Connect to your higher power to find meaning in your life. Let go of anger, depression, resentment. Remember that no matter how god or bad a situation, it will change. You can get through it.