Are you trying to let go of a familiar and comfortable situation—be it job, relationship, or habit? Have you decided it’s time to change your life’s path and strive for something more? For anyone on the edge of a major life decision, I’m here to remind you, “Life takes courage!”

Don’t ever underestimate the process. It takes courage to decide to change. Then it takes more courage to implement the change. Finally, it requires courage that stems from commitment and determination to maintain the change. For those of you getting ready to muster up all of this courage, keep these tips in mind:

  • Honesty is the best policy. Being honest with yourself includes taking responsibility for what has held you back from change so far. What’s been keeping you from realizing your potential? Pinpoint the excuses early on that you know have kept you from success in the past.
  • First things first. Place a value on each of your needs. If you find a good percentage of your day is spent taking care of others’ needs, do your best to reprioritize and put some of your needs closer to the top.
  • Invite risk in. Think of it like this. If we knew the outcome of everything in advance, how could we enjoy life’s occasional surprises or its great sense of mystery? You’ll never be given a 100 percent guarantee on anything, so put your best effort into making something happen and feel the fear that risk-taking puts on every individual who invites risk in.
  • Confront your fears. Many wait until they have no choice but to face their fear. As a result, they react adversely. Instead, don’t wait for the crisis. Be the initiator and face your fears before they bring you down. Also, keep in mind that sometimes a fear can itself become a comfort zone. It is a familiar concept, and it’s easy to talk yourself into believing you have control over it.
  • Worstcase scenario. Break down your fears and figure out how ominous they really appear. What is the worst outcome you could face as a result of making the proposed change? The results may surprise you. In fact, you may find your courage surging once you realize that the worst-case scenario really isn’t so bad.

So as you proceed in taking your risk, remember to credit yourself along the way for your accomplishments. Acknowledge your decisions and the courage it takes to make them. When you do, you’ll feel stronger and more capable of growth. Before you know it, you’ll have conquered the task. You Can Do It!